Love your Neighbor (LYN) seeks to engage and assist the community in caring for their neighbors facing adversity. We believe in love through practical acts of altruistic kindness that meet specific needs and/or risks proactively and reactively.

Our efforts fall in the following areas:

1. Work with communities to identify and understand needs and risks within each community. This involves the establishment of personal relationships and dialogues with individuals and organizations. At the same time our volunteers and staff engage in multidisciplinary research to bring insight into the conversations, needs and risks identified.

2. Work within communities to convey awareness and understanding of the needs and risks identified. This involves continued dialogue and the organization of events and campaigns to inform and invite the community so that our understanding is disseminated.

3. Engage the community in responding to needs and risks responsively. We believe the community has the power to become a neighbor to those facing adversity. LYN, thus, seeks to work as a catalyst and guide that assists the community in being more effective when it comes to taking action against adversity. For instance, we organize fundraising for the purchase of supplies, clothes and non-perishables; and take care of the distribution of such items to individuals and/or organizations that need them.

4. Partner with other organizations and seek to channel those facing adversity to the best resources available for their specific needs. We believe issues of adversity and social injustice are to be addressed collectively. For this reason we seek to foster cooperation and communication between community and organizations, and between organizations and organizations. To this end we work to develop efficient communication channels/tools (e.g., electronic) that promote/facilitate dialogue, cooperation and the matching of specific needs to the best providers.


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